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Do you have children and find it difficult to get to a salon? Do you work full-time and find that salons are either fully booked in the evenings, closed, or you are too tired to get your hair done at night? Have you ever just wanted to have your hair done in the comfort of your own home? Well, having a mobile hairdresser may be the answer.

I am a mobile stylist, and I would recommend to anyone with a busy lifestyle to get a mobile hairdresser. It is so much easier than taking the kids to a salon, having them moan at you to hurry up because they are bored, or having to find a babysitter, just so you can go down the street to get a quick trim, or even find someone to look after them if you are having your hair colored for at least two hours.

I am a mobile stylist, 

it is much easier than running to the salon after your busy day at work to make your appointment on time, or trying to squeeze in a quick trim in between clients, or during your lunch break. Also, salon prices are a lot more expensive than mobile stylists. Mobile hairdressers don't have all the overhead to pay; they just have their car, stock, wages, and other expenses to worry about. So, by getting your hair done at home, you will also save a lot of money. 

Hairdressing at home allows you to…

1. Find a time that fits your diary

Struggling to find a hair salon with a time that suits you? Book last minute everyday, 6am – 10pm.

2. Connect with elite mobile hairdressers

With a wealth of experience, extensive portfolios and high quality products, you are in very safe hands.

3. Enjoy a quick appointment

Having your hair done no longer needs to take up half of your day. Instead you can relax in a place that you love.

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